Quality Support Coordination
Quality Support Coordination

Quality Support Coordination Inc will recoginize the needs of an individual with a disability, develop support to enable the individual to live in the community and achieve desired personal choices while maintaining the participant's health and safety.

Our Business

Support Coordinator links the individual to supports to purchase their own home as well as coordinating and assisting individuals to access employment opportunities, volunteer experiences, roomates, transportation, family/ individual counseling, equipment, community inclusion, marriage, relationship building, assuring basic safety, coordinating health concerns, receiving all entitlements, developing hobbies, interest and talents, self advocacy and other areas that maximize a person's quality of life.


Mission of Quality Support Coordination Inc

Quality Support Coordination acknowledges the rights of individuals with disabilities and their family members, informing, educating and empowering them on all options, while supporting their needs, desires, and choices for living, working and recreating in the community with the highest degree for community participation and intimate and casual personal relationships.

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